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Our Story

Alaqua Projects Inc. has the experience and understanding to complete your project and secure your investment with a new septic system. We have an ongoing commitment to innovative technology for both commercial septic systems and residential septic systems.

With a background of close to 100 years in construction that stretches through multiple generations of family in Alberta, we are bred to complete projects. Owning our fleet of well-maintained equipment enables Alaqua to perform critical tasks, meet deadlines, and execute at the high standard we provide. This gives us confidence, and assurance to our clients.

Every project that we have the opportunity to work on receives the same level of service. Septic Systems can be very demanding and the more complex they get the more responsibility they come with. In choosing a company to work with it is important to understand you will have an ongoing relationship with your installer. 

At Alaqua Projects we stand behind our work and are always there if their is a problem. The experience gained on every project completed is put forth into the next. We are constantly evolving to make our systems seamless and trouble free. We are a company built on values and a vision, with a steadfast belief in commitment, integrity and reliability.