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Commercial Septic
Pumps & Controls

There are several different types of pumps for commercial systems. One thing they often have in common is their large demand for lifting effluent and achieving a high flow rate. Most pumps are three phased, making them more efficient and cost effective.

The use of multiple pumps to achieve dosing to the field is common. This provides a built-in fail safe if one pump stops working and can extend a pump’s life by allowing the second pump to take 50% of the work load. The control panel is aware of the pumps and will alternate their use.

Control Panels

Control panels can be custom made with any option based on the requirements of your system design. These control panels allow us to adjust pump run times, protect your pumps from being electronically overloaded, as well notify you if a seal has failed within the pump. For instance, a signal from a transducer level sensor inside the tank that tells the control panel when levels are too high or too low.

Remote Monitoring

New technology is helping us achieve remote monitoring. This gives us the ability to easily manipulate pumps run times, turn a pump on or off, and view the current level of effluent in the dose tank without being onsite. This helps us understand and deal with a problem faster and more effectively.

Why Choose Us

We’re committed to using the innovative technology to get you the best results.

We always install our pumps with a proper lifting and guide rail system for ease of repair and maintenance.

We offer remote monitoring, which can help us monitor, predict and respond faster to events without having to be onsite.

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